At KeatsApp

  • App.The next generation Careers app for building better and passionate futures.

At Soulpage

  • Libero. Video Conferencing and Communication application made for India.
  • DeepLobe. Machine Learning API's as Service.
  • DFlux. A Data engineering platform that connects to the data warehouses to generate visual insights and create models.

At Caravel.AI

  • Elzy. A human interface built for highly repetitive and tedious work.
  • DeepRadiograph. Platform for detecting and highlight abnormalities, reducing the chances of missing from healthcare imaging data. Initiative for more a affordable healthcare with the power of Deep learning algorithms.
  • CodeTable. a web service that compiles and executes code and returns the program output. It extends itself as the online compiler/interpreter, designed to keep online programming and development faster, easier and simpler.
  • Consulting on many other AI and Data Science Software Projects.